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Where teams stand with two weeks remaining in the 2018 MLB season

Jack's friend and former Carthage College classmate Jamey Hill rolls in to the Jack Vita Show to check in on the middle of a wild month of September baseball. There is a lot a happening around the league to break down!

Jack and Jamey take a look at where teams stand with just two weeks remaining in the season and discuss tight division races in the NL West and NL Central, what's going on with the struggling Chicago Cubs, the Oakland A's surprisingly catching fire and moving into an AL Wild Card spot (and the A's chances of contending in the playoffs this year), the collapse of the 2018 Philadelphia Phillies' season, David Wright's career and retirement, and plenty more! Who will win the NL West: the Los Angeles Dodgers, Colorado Rockies, or the Arizona Diamondbacks? And who will take the NL Central: the Cubs, or Milwaukee Brewers?

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