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Why Theo Epstein resigning could be a blessing for Chicago Cubs

Jack is back in action for a rare Friday solo show! Jack discusses the exit of Theo Epstein, who resigned from his position as director of baseball operations with one year remaining on his contract. What does it means for the Cubs, and why might it actually be the best thing for the organization? Jed Hoyer will likely fill the role. Jack noticed some similarities between Theo's exit from Boston and his exit from Chicago. The Cubs have been stagnant for a few years; maybe now they will finally make a move or two. They have some difficult decisions to make soon; having Theo make his own decision leaves little up in the air moving forward and is the first domino in the organizations' decision making process. Jack explains it all in the latest episode.

Jack also adjusts his stance on Jim Harbaugh once again, and previews the best college and NFL games for the incoming weekend. Jack also has some announcements about upcoming podcast and website content!

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(Photo via Gregory Bull/Associated Press)


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