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Win prizes in our pick'em football pool: NFL and college football!

Football season is BACK!

To celebrate the return of football, I'm setting up an official Jack Vita Show Football Pick'em Pool and giving away prizes to the first place finisher in the pool.

The sole winner of the Jack Vita Show pool will be sent $50 (via Venmo, PayPal, Quickpay, Zelle, etc.) AND be invited to appear on a future episode of the Jack Vita Show! In order to enter and be qualified to win, follow these instructions:

1) Join the Jack Vita Show football pick'em pool on CBS Sports. This link should get you in. If it doesn't, send me an email (; I'll get you in. 2) Subscribe to the Jack Vita Show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, or wherever podcasts are found.

No, you do not have to subscribe on ALL of those platforms, just one of them. Choose wisely. 3) Leave a 5-star rating and review of the Jack Vita Show on Apple Podcasts. You don't need to listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or even have an iPhone to leave a review. You can do so on your computer. Each 5-star review helps boost the Jack Vita Show in the Apple Podcasts algorithm, expands the reach of the show, and it means a lot to me! Make sure you write something. Your review could be as brief as "Great pod", or, it could be a detailed review explaining why you love the show, what your favorite episode is, etc. It's up to you. I may award an additional prize to the best review the show receives. We'll see.

4) Take a screenshot of your review, and another screenshot that shows that you are subscribed to the podcast, and tweet said screenshots to me (@JackVitaShow), email them to me (, or send them to me in a direct message on Facebook or Instagram. Once I see that you are subscribed and have left a review, I will know that you are qualified to win our first place prizes. If you don't submit your screenshots to me in time, you won't be qualified to win.

5) Make your picks every week on CBS Sports. Each week you'll pick against the point spreads for NFL and college football games. You'll be awarded a point for every game you pick correctly. The pool will feature every NFL game and the weekly "top 15" college football games selected by CBS Sports each week. You will not be penalized for guessing incorrectly. If you forget to make your picks in a week, you'll be awarded the same point total as the week's lowest scorer (in other words - the person in our pool with the lowest point total for the week). Therefore, if you forget to fill out your picks, you won't be entirely eliminated from competition, but you will want to try your best to get your picks in each week. You can do son on the CBS Sports website, or on the CBS Sports app.

We'll be picking against the spread. If the Buccaneers are favored by 7 points (-7) against the Cowboys, and you pick the Buccaneers, the Bucs would need to win by 8 points or more in order for you to be correct. If the Cowboys lost by 6 or less, or won outright, you would be incorrect and not receive a point. If the Bucs were to win by 7 in this hypothetical scenario, the outcome would be a push; in other words, it would be a tie, and nothing would happen.

The Pick'em will run through the entirety of the NFL season and will NOT include NFL postseason or college bowl games. Nor will it include college football conference championship games either.

The Pick'em begins Week 1 of NFL season. College football's week 1 games will not be counted in our Pick'em.

Picks lock 5 minutes prior to each game's start time. You'll be able to make and change your picks prior to that, but the picks will lock 5 minutes before each game's start time. To make sure you're getting all your picks in, try to submit all your picks before the NFL Thursday Night game each week. You can still change your picks as long as its before each game's deadline.

That's it! Make sure you join before the start of NFL Week 1, and enter your picks each week for your chance to win!

CJ Revis won our 2021 March Madness pool, earning him a $50 prize and a recent appearance on the Jack Vita Show! This is your opportunity to win big!

Questions? Tweet or email me. Good luck to all.

For more sports and entertainment analysis, follow me on Twitter @JackVitaShow, and subscribe to the Jack Vita Show on iTunes or wherever podcasts are found.


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