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2020 MLB Wild Card Recap, Division Series Preview

Jonathan "JJ" Jaggard once again returns to the Jack Vita Show to recap all the action from the wild card round of the MLB playoffs. They cover all eight series and share their thought on MLB's experimental round of the playoffs. Should the league keep it moving forward? Later, he and Jack preview all four Division Series match-ups (New York Yankees-Tampa Bay Rays, Oakland A's-Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers-San Diego Padres, Atlanta Braves-Miami Marlins).

What's next for the Cubs, Twins, and the other Wild Card losers? Why can't teams like the Twins and Reds get anywhere in the playoffs? It's been over 20 years since both teams won a playoff series. After another playoff stinker, is it time for the Chicago Cubs' front office to break up the team? Who will advance to the League Championship Series? Jack and JJ cover all the bases.

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(Image via CBS Sports)


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