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Best Sports Movie of All-Time bracket down to Final Four stage

After another lively round of voting, just four films remain in the Best Sports Movie of All-Time bracket! For last week's Sweet Sixteen results, click here. Here's what happened in the Elite Eight:

#1 Remember the Titans 66, #1 The Sandlot 29 — In a meeting of America's sweethearts, it was Remember the Titans that snagged the upper left's Final Four spot, more than doubling The Sandlot's vote total. It was a great run for The Sandlot, but the Titans gave the sandlot kids more than they could handle.

#1 Miracle 55, #1 Field of Dreams 41 — We're down to the best of the best. None of these matchups are easy, anymore. At this point, it's hard to go wrong with the films that are left. Field of Dreams is an all-time classic, but Miracle would earn my vote here, because... Kurt Russell. Well done, voters.

#1 Happy Gilmore 46, #2 Moneyball 37 — This was tough for me. Happy Gilmore might be my favorite movie ever. I certainly have seen it more than any other film in this tournament's field, but Moneyball is a masterpiece. Happy Gilmore is a work of genius in its own right, but I would have voted Moneyball. It's far more of a sports movie than Happy Gilmore is.

#2 Major League 51, #4 42 47 — This was a LOT closer than I expected. The late great Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford are fantastic in 42, but here's the thing: Major League is the greatest baseball movie OF ALL-TIME. As we documented earlier in this bracket, the voters are relatively young and tend to favor recent films over older films. Unless the boomers turn out in droves, Major League won't win. Darn shame.

Coming up this week, the Final Four! Wednesday, September 8, 2021: #1 Remember the Titans vs. #1 Miracle

Thursday, September 9, 2021: #1 Happy Gilmore vs. #2 Major League

Friday, September 10, 2021: Championship

Voting resumes Wednesday, September 8, across my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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