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Best Sports Movie of All-Time Bracket moves to Elite Eight round

Another week down, and another round of voting is complete! We're now down to the Elite Eight in the Greatest Sports Movie of All-Time Bracket. Here are your results from the Sweet Sixteen:

Region A Final

#1 Remember the Titans 68, #3 Friday Night Lights 12 — In the battle of great high school football flicks, Remember the Titans unsurprisingly took the cake. I fought as hard as I could for Friday Night Lights. While I was unable to get Friday Night Lights to the Final Four, my hope is that some of you either watch Friday Night Lights for the first time, or rewatch it for the first time in a long time. It's a phenomenal movie, and I think you will be impressed.

Region B Final

#1 The Sandlot 49, #2 The Blind Side 35 — So now The Sandlot is beating best picture nominees and best actress winners? Okay. I've said it once and I'll say it again: The Sandlot isn't a bad movie, but it isn't an all-time great sports film. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun, cute film. The Sandlot is a film that a lot of our voters probably watched over and over again as a kid and have a sentimental attachment to. I'm curious how many of them have rewatched it recently as an adult. I'd love to know how it stacks up for them vs. this competitive field. While it's a fun and enjoyable movie, I just don't think that it's a top film in this tournament's field, considering what it's up against. In the voters' defense, The Blind Side isn't really a sports movie. So this is understandable. Remember the Titans, which has won each of its matchups by a very wide margin, will be a very formidable opponent for The Sandlot.

Region C Final

#1 Miracle 64, #15 Like Mike 20 — The Cinderella run for #15 Like Mike could only last so long. Calvin Cambridge and Tracy Reynolds simply didn't have an answer to Herb Brooks' "Who do you play for?" question.

Region D Final

#1 Field of Dreams 73, #2 Bull Durham 12 — In the Kevin Costner bowl, Field of Dreams walloped Bull Durham. The Field of Dreams game provided the film a nice boost last week backed by nostalgia, but even without the help, it would have won anyway. This blowout was predictable. Miracle vs. Field of Dreams is a matchup that isn't.

Region E Final

#2 Moneyball 40, #1 Rocky 39 — What a great matchup this was. Two great, Oscar-nominated films slugged it out like the heavyweights that they are. Unfortunately for Rocky, it lost a thriller of a fight, but you really can't go wrong with either of these films. I love both of them. Adapt or die.

Region F Final

#1 Happy Gilmore 51, #2 Caddyshack 24 — In the battle for the greatest golf film of all-time, Happy Gilmore more than doubled Caddyshack's score, another unsurprising outcome. We have a lot of young voters, and more young people have seen Happy Gilmore than Caddyshack. That, and Happy Gilmore is amazing.

Region G Final

#4 42 47, #6 The Rookie 40 — The Region G Final came down to the two lowest seeds remaining in the bracket (aside from Like Mike and The Waterboy), a pair of really good baseball films that are often overlooked when discussing the best baseball films of all-time. 42 edged out a victory over The Rookie. The Rookie would have gotten the sentimental edge from me, but I don't think you could go wrong picking either of these.

Region H Final #1 Major League 51, #6 The Waterboy 40 — This one was a lot closer than I expected. Major League is one of the best films in this tournament and The Waterboy is a classic in its own right. While I have a soft spot for 90s Adam Sandler movies and I do love The Waterboy, I don't think The Waterboy is in the same weight class as Major League. Major League's low voter turnout could be a problem for it moving forward.

Coming up this week, the Elite Eight!

#1 Remember the Titans vs. #1 The Sandlot

#1 Miracle vs. #1 Field of Dreams

#2 Moneyball vs. #1 Happy Gilmore

#4 42 vs. #1 Major League

Voting resumes Friday, August 27, across my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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