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What makes Adam Sander's 'Happy Gilmore' (1996) one of the most rewatchable movies

With The Masters originally scheduled to begin this week and no sports being played at the moment, Zach Jones returns to the Jack Vita Show to talk about one of the best sports movies ever, Happy Gilmore!

Join Zach and Jack as they highlight their favorite moments from this classic comedy. Where does this film rank among Adam Sandler's best? Where does Shooter McGavin rank all-time as a movie villain?

Happy Gilmore is perhaps the most rewatchable, quotable movie in film history, so in today's podcast, Zach and Jack discuss why that is, and share their favorite, most quotable moments from the film!


Happy Gilmore is one of those films that, whenever it is on, I can't resist watching. I don't know if there are any movies that I have spent more time watching in my lifetime than Happy Gilmore.

Everything about it is so spectacular and bizarre. Chubbs Peterson (Carl Weathers) is one of cinema's greatest mentors, and Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald) might be the greatest villain in movie history. Some elements of this film are so bizarre; how did Adam Sandler come up with the idea to have a golf legend that has a wooden hand? And how did he come up with the idea to have said golf legend carrying around an alligator's eye in a jar with him everywhere he goes?

Let's not forget the random, the wonderful, unexpecting cameos this movie possesses. Richard Kiel kills it as "Mr. Larsen", who scares the life out of Shooter when his ball strikes his fat foot. Lee Trevino crushes it as the unapproving club pro, the equivalent to an old school baseball player that takes exception to the modern "let the kids play" movement in Major League Baseball. Best of all, Bob Barker shows up to beat the tar out of Happy Gilmore.

I had an absolute blast getting to talk about one of my all-time favorite movies; I hope you will enjoy!

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