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2021 NBA Finals, MLB trades, Best Sports Movie of All-Time Bracket

Jack welcomes back Paul Oren (@nwioren on Twitter) from the Northwest Indiana Times to the show to talk NBA Finals (0:00 - 18:15), MLB (18:15 - 37:45) and the Jack Vita Show "Best Sports Movie of All-Time" bracket (37:45 - END). View the full sports movie bracket here.

Paul grew up in Milwaukee and is a lifelong Bucks fan. He weighs in on the NBA Finals, following the Bucks' epic game 5 win. Jack shares why the Phoenix Suns peaked his interest in the NBA Finals, as game 5 was the first NBA game he had watched of the 2021 season, and discusses what he believes would be an incredible story of Monty Williams and Chris Paul winning an NBA title. Then, Jack and Paul break down the latest from the world of Major League Baseball, as Paul's Brewers have a commanding 7-game lead in the NL Central and the Cubs have started selling, trading Joc Pederson to the Braves for a first base prospect by the name of Bryce Ball Thursday night. Paul and Jack assess the status of the National League at the midway point, and look ahead to the second half, pinpointing the league's true contenders and trade deadline sellers. Who will come out of the NL East? Jack and Paul feel that the Phillies have a very strong chance of doing so. Finally, Paul and Jack kick off the "Best Sports Movie of All-Time Bracket", running on and on Jack's social media handles (, @jackvitashow on Twitter and Instagram), featuring 128 sports movies that our audience has a chance to vote on over the coming weeks. Paul and Jack preview the first round of matchups, and share some of their picks and favorite sports films, including movie recommendations for listeners that haven't seen all 128 films. Bracket begins Monday, July 17th! Don't forget to vote daily and share the bracket with your friends! Subscribe to the Jack Vita Show wherever podcasts are found, and log onto and join our email list, so you don't miss out on a minute of bracket action!

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