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CLIP: Duke coach Mike Kryzewski unhappy with student journalist

For part two of Jack's conversation with Jake Paliga, the two catch up on the latest from the world of college hoops. You can listen to part one of their conversation here, talking MLB Hall of Fame voting.

Coach K found himself in the headlines after a clip went viral of him answering a question from a student journalist, was he out of line? Was it really that big of a deal? Jack and Jake discuss it (0:00 - 12:15), along with what the sport misses from the lack of fans at college basketball games (12:15 - 15:10). Then they talk, Purdue's impressive start, Indiana's prolonged struggles and the strength of the Big Ten (15:10 - 23:15), NBA stars' sons playing Division I ball (23:15 -26:25), the emergence of the Alabama Crimson Tide as a basketball power, and more (26:25 - END)!

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(Photo via University of Alabama Athletic Department)


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