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Why Amanda Clark-Stoner left Peacock's 'The Traitors'; how she overcame drug abuse, found Jesus

Earlier this year, emergency room nurse Amanda Clark-Stoner appeared on the first season of Peacock's reality competition show, The Traitors. Amanda visits the Jack Vita Show to discuss her time competing on The Traitors and share her incredible life story of overcoming drug addiction and depression and turning to Jesus Christ.

Amanda placed 12th on The Traitors, as she was the 9th member of the cast eliminated. Despite having strong relationships with the cast, as a faithful, she mysteriously had to leave the show in episode 6, for reasons unknown to the audience. The show did not reveal why Amanda was forced to leave the show. In this episode of the Jack Vita Show, she sets the record straight, detailing how she was eliminated from contention, after testing positive for COVID-19. How did Amanda contract COVID on The Traitors? Were there quarantining protocols in place? Did other cast members contract COVID? Amanda sets the record straight on her elimination.

Amanda also reflects on her time on The Traitors. What was her strategy, and how would she have continued to play, had she not been forced out? Who did she bond most with and have an alliance with, and what did she think of the celebrities that came in to the mansion? Who from the cast is she still close with now? Is there anything about the show's format and presentation that Amanda would change about it, moving forward?

Amanda was conceived when her parents were 17, and she was adopted and raised by her maternal grandparents. After struggling with serious health issues, Amanda's grandfather committed suicide when Amanda was 11 years-old. This traumatic event, combined with the abandonment she experienced as a young child, and the bullying she was enduring at school, sent Amanda into a dark depression, which led to drug and alcohol abuse. Amanda overdosed more than once as a teenager, and at the age of 15, she was arrested.

Amanda tells the unbelievable story of how God intervened in her life and pulled her off the path she was on, as she got clean and gave her life to Jesus Christ. In the time since, Jesus has transformed her heart and her life. Amanda tells her story on the Jack Vita Show!

You can follow Amanda on Instagram (@_amandastoner).

Amanda's time on The Traitors (0:00 - 1:01:30)

Amanda's story of overcoming drug and alcohol abuse (1:01:30 - END)

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