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Best 2000s Kids Show bracket round 1 recap, MLB surprises, 2020 NBA playoffs

Jack welcomes longtime friend Grant Smith to the podcast. With the GOAT 2000s Kids Show Bracket in full-swing on, Grant and Jack recap round 1 and their picks for the second round. Which shows will advance to the Sweet 16? Make sure you vote, so your voice is heard!

All of the classic Nickelodeon shows featured in this bracket can be watched on Paramount Plus. You can get a free one-week trial at the following link:

The Cubs and White Sox met for the first crosstown showdown of 2020. What are Jack and Grant's takeaways from the weekend? Which MLB teams have surprised Grant the most in 2020? Luka Doncic hit a buzzer beater for the ages on Sunday. Why are NBA Playoff games seeing all-time scoring highs? What are Grant's thoughts on the Chicago Bears' preseason quarterback controversy? All this, and plenty more!

You can check out the latest on the GOAT Kids Show Bracket here.

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