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Spongebob, Drake & Josh face-off in Best 2000s Kids Show bracket (winner revealed!)

After five weeks of voting, the listeners of the Jack Vita Show have named "the Greatest Kids Show of the 2000s", via the Best 2000s Kids Show Bracket. Only two shows remain and both are Nickelodeon classics. Spongebob Squarepants, which began its run in May of 1999 and is still running today, has been Nickelodeon's Mickey Mouse - the face of the network for over 20 years. Drake & Josh, starring Drake Bell and Josh Peck, had a much shorter run, but a very impactful one. Chances are, if you watched Nickelodeon between 2004 and 2008, Drake & Josh is a show that you still casually quote to this day. Both shows are currently streaming on Paramount Plus, which my readers and listeners can get a free one-week trial through the following link:

In this episode of the Jack Vita Show, the winner of the Best 2000 Kids Show Bracket is revealed! Jack is joined by Rachel Gerhardt and first-time guest Jacob Schoon for a discussion about the entire bracket's results, 2000s television, nostalgia, and plenty more along the way!

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