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Miranda Harrison recaps Deal or No Deal Island E5 "Are You Trustworthy?", explains targeting Alyssa

This week, we have a very special episode of the Jack Vita Show chronicling the fifth episode of NBC's new hit reality competition show Deal or No Deal Island "Are You Trustworthy?" featuring the latest contestant eliminated, Miranda Rose Harrison!

Miranda is an exterminator in Fort Myers, Florida. Despite sitting comfortably in the game through the first four episodes, she was blindsided by Aron, when Aron set her up to finish in the bottom two of the excursion, then picked her to face the banker. Aron believed that Miranda would do his bidding for him and get rid of Stephanie, if she beat the banker. What Aron was not prepared for, was Miranda was planning a blindside of her own. Had Miranda survived, she was going to send home Aron's closest ally, Alyssa.

Aron may have made a major blunder this week, telling Boston Rob that if he and Alyssa were in the bottom two, he would protect Alyssa and not Rob. Alyssa is Aron's number one, not Rob. Now, Rob is suspicious of Aron and could be looking for a new top ally. Both Aron and Alyssa could be in danger, entering Episode 6.

Alyssa nearly was eliminated in episode 5. Miranda had a $100 case, a $1,500,000 case, a $1,750,000 case and a $3,000,000 case remaining, when she received a $937,000 offer. The banker sweetened the pot by making a one-time personal offer. If Miranda agreed to the $937,000 deal, she would receive $40,000 in prize money. Miranda chose to accept the $40,000 offer, taking a leap of faith and hoping that her case had $100 in it. Unfortunately for Miranda, her case held $1,500,000 and her time on the banker's island met its end.

Before departing, Joe asks Miranda who she would have eliminated, had she survived elimination herself. Miranda reveals that she had her sights set on sending Alyssa packing, exposing both her and Aron's games in front of everyone. Miranda may have been eliminated, but she went out with a bang!

Instead of our regularly scheduled 15-minute exit interviews, Miranda joins us for a full hour on this week's Deal or No Deal Island episode recap! Miranda is filling in for Brooke Struck, who is on vacation in Puerto Rico with her family this week. Brooke will be out again next week, and return to the program in time for our Episode 7 recap!

You can follow Miranda on Twitter (@ItsMirandaRose) and Instagram (@mirandaroseharrison).

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