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'The Traitors' S2 Episodes 1-3 recap with Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick

Peacock's Emmy Award-winning reality competition show, The Traitors, is back for its second season!

Last Friday, the series dropped the first three episodes of season two, streaming exclusively on Peacock.

For the entirety of Season 2, Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick will join us weekly on the Jack Vita Show, providing coverage and analysis as she and Jack recap every episode! Stephenie placed seventh on season one of The Traitors, reaching the penultimate episode, when she became the final faithful murdered. Prior to The Traitors, Stephenie competed three times on Survivor.

Stephenie first appeared on reality television in the year 2005, when she competed on Survivor's tenth season, Survivor: Palau. After outlasting her entire Ulong tribe, she quickly became a fan favorite, and was immediately invited back to play again on the show's eleventh season, Survivor: Guatemala. Five years later, she returned for Survivor's 20th season, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Stephenie's husband Kyle Kendrick enjoyed a ten-year Major League Baseball career and pitched for the 2008 World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies.

In our first recap, Stephenie and Jack break down the first three episodes of The Traitors. There have been some changes made to the show's format. The contestants have the option to abandon missions and earn shields, protecting themselves from banishment. Janelle Pierzina made a bold decision to go for a shield in the first episode, earning safety, much to the dismay of some of her fellow faithfuls. Would Stephenie have made the same decision?

In the first episode, two of the show's three traitors are named. The two traitors selected by host Alan Cumming must select a third traitor to round out their team. Why did Dan and Phaedra choose Parvati to be the third traitor? Stephenie and Jack provide analysis.

Stephenie compares differences between season two and her own season of The Traitors. Jack shares why he thinks season two is already significantly better than season one. Stephenie also discusses her cameo appearance in Episode 3. Stephenie provides an insider look, as well as expert analysis, and never-before-heard stories from season one! All this, and much more, in our recap of Episodes 1-3! Our Episode 4 recap will be out in a few days.

You can follow Stephenie on Instagram @steph_lagrossa_kendrick.

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