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Deal or No Deal Island S1 E9 "Are You Ruthless?" recap with Survivor: Guatemala's Brooke Struck

Following the ninth episode of Deal or No Deal Island, "Are You Ruthless?", Survivor: Guatemala contestant Brooke Struck and Jack Vita return to discuss this week's episode, right here on the Jack Vita Show!

Each week, Brooke and Jack will recap the latest episode of Deal or No Deal Island. Jack will also sit down for a 15-minute exit interview with the most recent contestant eliminated from Deal or No Deal Island. And later this week, S1 contestant Miranda Rose Harrison will return to the podcast for Deal or No Deal Insiders, featuring special guest and fellow S1 contestant Amy McCoy.

The Night Owls are down a number, after Dawson Addis chose to self-eliminate in the previous episode, accepting a $100,000 personal offer from the banker. Upon losing Dawson, the Night Owls invite Jordan to join their alliance, replacing his spot. Jordan has positioned herself nicely between both alliances, and does not appear to be anyone's target.

At the excursion, the Night Owls concoct a plan to keep Boston Rob and Aron from winning immunity and from finishing in the bottom two. This plan takes any power out of Rob and Aron's hands. The plan works to perfection as Aron struggles to work the walkie talkie, and directs Rob to the wrong case. Amy and Jordan win immunity and Nick gets his turn to face the banker.

Nick enters elimination with his eyes set on eliminating Rob. Moments before he begins his game of Deal or No Deal, Rob and Stephanie engage in a big argument. When Nick is down to two cases remaining, Nick is made the largest offer in Deal or No Deal history: $4.417 million. The two cases he has remaining contain $4.25 million and $4.5 million. Nick chose no. 9 as a meaningful number in his life, and surprisingly abandoned the number, accepting a deal. Unfortunately for Nick, his case contains $4.5 million, meaning that he took a bad deal, and he is eliminated from the game.

In the final moments of the episode, Rob warns Stephanie that she made a "big mistake". Stephanie tells Rob to "shut up". Rob gives a confessional stating that if it's the last thing he does, he will make sure Stephanie does not win. It seems that the show is laying the groundwork for an epic battle in Episode 10!

Brooke and Jack break it all down, sharing their thoughts on the episode!

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