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Best 2000s Kids Show bracket sets Final Four: Spongebob, Arthur, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101

After four thrilling weeks of hotly debated match-ups, the Greatest Kids Show of the 2000s Bracket is near its end.

Just four shows remain, and by week's end, we will have crowned a champion. By the way, all of these classic Nickelodeon shows can be watched on Paramount Plus. You can get a free one-week trial at the following link: Let's get to the Elite Eight scoreboard:

East Region (Tuesday, 9/8/20)

#1 Spongebob 98, #3 Fairly OddParents 25 — The week started with Spongebob once again thumping its opponent. Fairly OddParents (and even Jorgen Von Strangle!) never really stood a chance against this juggernaut. Vegas currently has Spongebob as the odds-on favorite to win the whole thing, and rightfully so. Not even Plankton can sabotage it.

West Region (Wednesday, 9/9/20)

#1 Arthur 67, #3 Hey Arnold! 66 — Wednesday's contest was wild. With a few hours left, Arthur held a significant lead over Hey Arnold!, that is until Hey Arnold! fans (or as they call themselves, "football heads") showed out to vote. Suddenly, a flurry of ballots filled the voting box to the brim. In fact, even more Hey Arnold! votes came in on my Facebook page AFTER the polls had closed. Had the polls been open another two hours, Hey Arnold! would have won by at least five votes. Unfortunately for Hey Arnold! its voters just didn't get to the polls in time. Let this be a lesson to all everyone: vote early. And no, this bracket does not accept mail-in voting.

Arthur faces an extremely difficult head-to-head with Spongebob on Tuesday. Everything is on the line. Will you side with Patrick Star or Buster Baxter? Squidward or DW? Binky Barnes or Sandy Cheeks? Pal or Gary the Snail? Mr. Krabs or Mr. Ratburn? Spongebob fans will need to turn out to the polls in a timely fashion, unless they want their show to fall victim to the same fate as Arthur's last opponent.

South Region (Thursday, 9/10/20)

#4 Zoey 101 74, #6 iCarly 50 Zoey 101's miraculous Cinderella run continued with a commanding victory over iCarly this week. Is there enough magic left to take out Drake & Josh and move to the championship? I have my doubts, but I've been wrong over and over again in this wacky bracket. Polls open Wednesday.

Midwest Region (Friday, 9/11/20)

#1 Drake & Josh 73, #2 Rugrats 25 — What can I say here? It was a battle of old school and new school, and once again, new school prevailed. In Rugrats' defense, the show began in 1991 and ran throughout the remainder of the 90s, before coming to a close in 2004. It really was more of a 90s show than a 2000s show. To make a run to the Elite Eight in this hyper-competitive field speaks volumes to the show's popularity, success and importance. Rugrats should leave the tournament with its head held high.

Drake & Josh will be favored against Zoey 101, but it should not take its opponent lightly. Zoey 101 has already sent home the likes of Hannah Montana, iCarly and Sesame Street. Zoey 101 has had to earn its spot in the Final Four. If D&J isn't careful, it could be Zoey Brooks' latest casualty.

Voting resumes on Tuesday and will continue throughout the week. You can vote at my following social media handles. Make sure you are following along, checking this website and tuning in to the podcast, as we will be crowning a champion later this week!

Twitter - @JackVitaShow

Instagram- @jackvitashow

Here are my endorsements for the Final Four.

Make sure you follow along and exercise your right to vote! Your vote counts and your voice matters. Use the hashtag #JackVitaGOATBracket on Twitter and other social media platforms to share the bracket with others.

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