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Elissa Reilly Slater talks Big Brother 15, famous spit take, The Amazing Race, Christian faith

Elissa Reilly Slater visits the Jack Vita Show to discuss her time on Big Brother, The Amazing Race, her Christian faith, and much more!

Elissa's sister Rachel Reilly competed on Big Brother 12, where she met her husband, Brendon Villegas. The following summer, Rachel played again, and won Big Brother 13. Two years after Rachel won Big Brother, the show recruited Elissa to play on the franchise's 15th season.

Within the first week, Elissa was recognized by her fellow houseguests as Rachel's sister. Despite having a large target on her back from the very beginning, Elissa reached the Final 6 and was voted America's Favorite Houseguest.

Six years after she competed on Big Brother, Elissa appeared on The Amazing Race 31, running the race with Rachel. The Reilly sisters finished in seventh place, as they traveled the world, visiting Japan, Laos, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Uganda and Switzerland.

But perhaps Elissa is best known for her viral spit take gif!

A clip of Elissa doing a spit take, during her time in the Big Brother house has since become one of the most-used gifs on the internet. Elissa has unintentionally become a staple of meme culture.

Just two days after Rachel guested on the Jack Vita Show, recapping episode 6 of The Traitors, Jack welcomes Elissa to the program for the first time!

Elissa discusses her time in the Big Brother house. What was it like being trapped in a fake house with 15 strangers for 77 days? Elissa participated in one of the show's wildest seasons; does she ever have nightmares from the Big Brother house? What was it like exiting the house and returning to the real world, having been disconnected from friends, family and the news for nearly three months? How did Elissa's season, Big Brother 15, forever change the franchise?

Later, Elissa talks about her Christian faith. How did she rely on God in the Big Brother house? How much time did she spend reading her Bible and praying to pass the time? Were there others in the house that joined her in prayer or that she had spiritual conversations with? Elissa shares her testimony and discusses what role Jesus Christ plays in her life today. She also catches us up on her family and life after the show, shares about her time on The Amazing Race, discusses her career, and talks about what it has been like working with athletes! And would Elissa compete on The Traitors, given the opportunity? It's an episode you will not want to miss!

You can follow Elissa (@elissercise) on Instagram.

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