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Mike Huff talks home run shortage, White Sox struggles

7-year Major League Baseball outfielder and Northwestern and New Trier product Michael Huff visits the show to reflect on his big league career and break down the latest news from around the league.

Michael discusses his time with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox and Toronto Blue Jays, telling stories from his playing days and reliving some of his favorite experiences from 90s MLB - such as his first big league at bat (vs. Tom Glavine), playing on the 1993 AL West Division champion White Sox and leading the White Sox's team chapels, being in a Bible study with Blue Jays' teammates Paul Molitor, Joe Carter and John Olerude in Toronto, getting picked up by the Cleveland Indians (and receiving a call from assistant general manager Dan O'Dowd), training Michael Jordan and much more! Later, Michael and Jack discuss the White Sox's early season struggles (standing at 19-20 on May 21) and what needs to happen in order for them to win the AL Central for the second straight year, MLB's lowest home run per 9-inning rate since 2015, the league's lowest K/9 rate since 2018, and a return to "old school" contact-first baseball. They also discuss how the pitch clock is making a difference in minor league baseball and how it could improve (or worsen) the game at the Major League Baseball level next year. Michael and Jack take a look at the standings as of May 21, and assess where teams stand right now. How many teams are in true contention right now?

Check out Michael's work as the director of youth baseball with the Chicago White Sox and find out how to get involved at

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