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NBC's Deal or No Deal Island S1 E6 "Are You Intentional?" recap with Miranda Harrison, Kim Mattina

Deal or No Deal Island contestants Miranda Rose Harrison and Kim Mattina return to the Jack Vita Show to recap the sixth episode of NBC's new hit reality competition show, "Are You Intentional?".

Miranda and Kim were the last two contestants to be eliminated from the show. With no elimination or exit interview this week, Miranda and Kim join Jack for a special edition of the Jack Vita Show covering the latest episode of Deal or No Deal Island. Miranda and Kim provide an inside look into the events leading up to episode 6, including Miranda's elimination and the bombshell that she dropped on her way out the door.

Episode 6 picks up in the immediate aftermath of Miranda's elimination. Aron is beginning to stress as he and Alyssa are catching more heat after Miranda exposed Aron's game to everybody. Nick is unhappy with Boston Rob and Aron, who he had considered to be close allies of his. They had not informed him that Stephanie was the target in episode 5. Nick is tired of being left out of the loop, and forms a new alliance with Amy, Stephanie and Dawson. The alliance calls itself "the Night Owls". Stephanie is the barn owl, Nick is the hunting owl, Dawson is the long-eared owl and Amy is the gray-horned owl.

Stephanie confronts Aron and Rob after their intentions to have her eliminated were revealed to her. At the excursion, Stephanie and Rob are forced to team up, as they are randomly paired together for the challenge, and they win immunity. Aron and Amy collect the "Banker's Bonus" briefcase, but finish in the bottom two, meaning that one of them will face the banker. Amy volunteers to be chosen for elimination, wanting to have her fate in her own hands.

Amy has her sights set on eliminating Alyssa, if she beats the banker. Amy holds on to her case, earning $850,000 for the prize pot and defeating the banker. However, Aron opens up the Banker's Bonus, which reveals that there will be no elimination this week. Everybody is safe, and nobody goes home.

Kim and Miranda discuss the episode in great detail with Jack, providing some juicy behind-the-scenes information. They also share stories from their time in the show and provide context to what we are seeing on television. It's a very special episode that you will NOT want to miss!

You can follow Miranda on Twitter (@ItsMirandaRose) and Instagram (@mirandaroseharrison). You can follow Kim on Twitter (@KimMattina) and Instagram (@kimmattina).

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