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Peacock's The Traitors US S2 E7 "Blood on Their Hands" recap with Stephenie LaGrossa and Robert "Bam" Nieves

Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick and Jack Vita are back for another recap of the latest episode of The Traitors. This week, they welcome season 1 contestant Robert "Bam" Nieves to the Jack Vita Show, as they break down episode 7, "Blood on Their Hands".

Bam and Stephenie were cast members on the first season of The Traitors. Both Bam and Stephenie were faithfuls that were onto the traitors. Because of their suspicions, both Bam and Stephenie were murdered. Unfortunately for Bam, he was perceived as a threat by the traitors, and was whacked at the start of the third episode. Stephenie was able to survive five murders and seven banishments, until she was murdered in the penultimate episode of season 1.

This week on The Traitors, the dominoes continued to fall. After Dan was banished in episode 6, Peter is offered an invitation to join the traitors. For the second straight season, The Bachelor is recruited to join the traitors. However, this time around, The Bachelor declines. Peter remains committed to the faithfuls, and wants to continue on his path to eliminate the remaining traitors. Peter is fully convinced that Parvati is a traitor, and it appears that at least most of the rest of the cast is as well.

Trishelle thinks that Dan outed Phaedra as a traitor to the rest of the group at the previous roundtable. Trishelle argues that due to the numbers that Phaedra has and the protection that the Bravo clique offers her, she is far a greater threat to win than Parvati is, whereas Parvati appears to be a dead woman walking. If Parvati is banished, Phaedra would have an opportunity to recruit one or two of her fellow Bravo girls to join the traitors. Trishelle argues that even if Phaedra is not a traitor, the show is a numbers game, and maintaining a numbers advantage over the other alliance is critical to the success of their group, moving forward. Thus, Trishelle pushes for the group to target Phaedra at the roundtable.

As Peter and Trishelle debate over who their next target should be, the rival alliance talks about targeting Peter, hoping to secure their own numbers and a path to the end of the game. It appears that Peter's alliance is putting itself in danger by excluding others from conversations and alienating the rest of the castle.

Sandra and Kevin successfully complete the mission and win shields, protecting them from murder. The contestants continue to strategize and prepare for the roundtable, until Alan drops a bomb on the cast and reveals that there will be no banishment that night. Instead, the cast would give out shields to each other, protecting a majority of the faithfuls from murder that night.

Sheree, Phaedra, CT, Kevin, John and Peter join Sandra and Kevin, gaining shields. This leaves Trishelle, Bergie, MJ and Kate up for murder. Trishelle is hurt that CT chooses to protect John from murder instead of her, when they have known each other for 20 years.

Phaedra and Parvati plot their next murder in the turret. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, as the audience will find out who is murdered next week.

Stephenie, Bam and Jack break the episode down. Did they like the format of this episode? Was the cancelled banishment a fun twist, or a bit of a letdown? Did it kill some of the show's momentum? What are Bam's thoughts on the new season of The Traitors? What would he have done differently from S1, if he was playing on S2? Later, Stephenie answers questions from the listeners, who have left questions for her in the YouTube comment section. If you would like to have Steph and Jack take your questions next week, comment away!

Jack and Stephenie share their initial thoughts from E7 (0:00 - 34:25)

Bam joins the conversation (34:25 - 1:12:10)

Stephenie answers your listener questions (1:12:10 - END)

You can follow Bam (@robert_bam_nieves) and Stephenie (@steph_lagrossa_kendrick) on Instagram.

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