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Peacock's The Traitors US S2 E8 "Knives at Dawn" recap with Stephenie LaGrossa

Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick returns to the Jack Vita Show to recap the eighth episode of the second season of Peacock's Emmy Award-winning reality competition show, The Traitors.

This week on The Traitors, Bergie (Love Island USA 5) was the victim of the traitors' fifth murder. The loss of Bergie is a huge hit to the Peter pals alliance, which is now a group of four: Trishelle, John, Kevin and Peter. Sensing that a pivotal roundtable is on the horizon, the group turns its attention to Phaedra. They sense that both Phaedra and Parvati are traitors. The group views Parvati as a dead woman walking, and fears that if they don't take out Phaedra as soon as possible, the Bravo clique will pick them off one-by-one. Trishelle crafts a plan for the group to try to pull Parvati into the fold, protect her, and attempt to use her vote in the upcoming banishment. Peter meets with Parvati and it appears the two have squashed their beef and agreed to team up.

Meanwhile, the Bravo clique also knows that a big time vote is coming. Its core of Phaedra, Sheree, Kate and MJ has its sights set on banishing Parvati. CT and Sandra have positioned themselves in the middle, as the swing votes.

The contestants visit a cabin in the woods that functions as an escape room. They are met with gross bugs and a number of other obstacles. The contestants from Bravo drop out of the challenge, while the reality competitors add $11,000 to the prize pot. Trishelle wins a shield, protecting her from the night's murder. Big Brother winner Dr. Will makes a cameo at the challenge.

After the mission, the contestants strategize as the bravo clique goes for Parvati and the Peter pals try for Phaedra. In the end, Parvati is banished at the roundtable by a vote of 7-4. Even John votes with the Bravos, leaving Peter, Trishelle and Kevin hung out to dry.

With Phaedra as the last remaining faithful in the turret, she is instructed by Alan that she must pick a faithful to recruit as a traitor. If that faithful rejects the offer, they will be murdered. Phaedra chooses Kate, and the episode ends as Kate enters the dungeon.

Stephenie and Jack break it all down!

You can follow Stephenie (@steph_lagrossa_kendrick) on Instagram, and join her on the Cruise of Deception!

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