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2021 World Series recap: Atlanta Braves' fans celebrate first Georgia sports' title since 1995

The Atlanta Braves have defied the odds and won the 2021 World Series! Jack has three friends that are lifelong Braves fans call in to share their thoughts and break down the World Series.

Back on June 20 when the Braves were 5.5 games out of first place in the NL East with a losing record, former Bachelorette contestant and current golf pro Garrett Powell predicted on this show that the Braves would get to the World Series. He calls in for his victory lap, and makes his way-too-early 2022 World Series predictions with Jack (0:00 - 25:05)! Survivor: South Pacific star and fan favorite of the Jack Vita Show Albert Destrade flew to Houston and was on-hand for Game 6 of the World Series. He joins Jack via phone to recap and break down all things 2021 World Series, and he even has his pal Branden Shaw chime in (25:05 - 1:08:20). They also ask if the National League was better than the American League this year, discuss Jorge Soler becoming the second-ever Cuban-born World Series MVP, Max Fried's stellar game 6 outing, the ending of pitchers hitting in Major League Baseball, and how National League baseball can be preserved in the future (Jack has an idea!). Finally, Survivor: Africa contestant and friend of Brian and Ronnie Snitker, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper, visits the Jack Vita Show for the second straight week, this time to celebrate the city of Atlanta's first championship since 1995 (1:08:20 - END)!

If you missed T-Bird's appearance on the Jack Vita Show last week, check it out here. Watch T-Bird's and Albert's seasons of Survivor, and all of the 39 other seasons of Survivor on Paramount Plus. Get a free one-week trial when you sign up through this link:

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(Images via Troy Taormina-USA Today Sports, CBS/Viacom and The Bachelor/ABC)


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