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'Survivor' Contestant Reem Daly on the 'Edge of Extinction', 'Winners at War', and social distancing

With the United States living in a temporary period of "social distancing", it's a very fitting time for Jack to check in with Survivor: Edge of Extinction contestant Reem Daly to discuss the topic of living in isolation.

Reem was the first person voted of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, the show's 38th season, which aired in spring 2019. In a shocking twist, castaways voted out had an opportunity to win their way back into the game, but first, they had to live on a desolated island known as "the Edge of Extinction." Reem spent a total of 32 days on the Edge, making her a one-of-a-kind Survivor contestant. Reem reflects on her Survivor experience, discusses life after Survivor, the show's newest season, Survivor: Winners at War, social distancing, creating Cameos for fans, and LOTS more!

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For more from Reem, you can follow her on Twitter @thereemdaly.

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(Image via CBS/Survivor)


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