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Survivor: Africa's Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper on Braves, World Series

In this special bonus episode of the Jack Vita Show, longtime Braves fan and Survivor: Africa contestant Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper calls in to celebrate the Braves' first National League pennant since 1999.

T-Bird attended the Braves' NL pennant-clinching game 6 of the NLCS at Truist Park in Atlanta Saturday night. T-Bird tells us of her experience at the historic game, her 40-year friendship with Brian Snitker and Snitker's wife Ronnie, and her favorite Braves' players and uniforms from over the years. T-Bird sets the stage for the World Series and shares her contagious enthusiasm and excitement with Jack and the listeners as the Braves head to their first World Series in 22 years.

Watch T-Bird's season of Survivor (Survivor: Africa), and all of the 39 other seasons of Survivor on Paramount Plus. Get a free one-week trial when you sign up through this link:

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(Photos via Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images and CBS/Viacom)


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