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Jonny Fairplay talks "dead grandma" lie, faith, and life after 'Survivor'

Jack is joined by Survivor Hall of Famer and reality TV legend Jonny Fairplay. Jonny tells the full story behind one of reality TV's biggest moments, his "dead Grandma" lie (for those unfamiliar - he created a lie that his Grandmother died in order to gain sympathy from his fellow Survivor contestants, which his competitors bought hook, line and sinker).

What was the public's reaction to the lie and how did people react to seeing Jonny on the streets? Hint: it wasn't good. Jonny details the creation of his reality TV persona "Jonny Fairplay" and tells of what his goals were going on to Survivor. What happened to Jonny on Survivor: Micronesia? Why did he leave the in the show's first episode? Later, Jonny tells Jack about how he became a born-again Christian in the years after Survivor, when he got baptized, and how God has recently changed his life. How did Jonny go from being someone that made fun of Christians, to a Christian himself? Tune in to find out!

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