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Deal or No Deal Island E7 "Are You Decisive?": Stephanie Mitchell talks blowup, feud with Alyssa Klinzing

Back by popular demand, Miranda Rose Harrison returns to the Jack Vita Show for the third straight week! This time, she and Jack are joined by the standout performer in this week's episode of NBC's Deal or No Deal Island, Stephanie Mitchell!

Earlier in the week, Jack spoke with the latest contestant eliminated from Deal or No Deal Island, 2019 Miss Kansas USA titleholder Alyssa Klinzing, in her exit interview. Then, Jack and Brooke Struck released a detailed recap of Deal or No Deal Island episode 7, "Are You Decisive?". Now, Jack and Miranda introduce a new weekly segment called Deal or No Deal Island Insiders! Each week, Miranda and Jack hope to feature different members of the cast, who will provide an inside look at the week's episode, that can only be found on the Jack Vita Show!

Stephanie joins Miranda and Jack to discuss an epic seventh episode of Deal or No Deal Island!

For weeks, a rivalry between Stephanie and Alyssa has been brewing, with both women targeting one another. It was only a matter of time until it met its head, which it did, in this week's episode. Alyssa avoided elimination in the previous two weeks, when Miranda accepted a personal offer from the banker and Amy opened up the "banker's bonus", cancelling last week's elimination. This week, Stephanie got her wish to face the banker, then defeated the banker and sent Alyssa packing. There was no shortage of drama, as there was a bit of a blow-up and confrontation upon Alyssa's elimination, that left one contestant walking off set, having a panic attack.

Stephanie shares her thoughts on the episode as a viewer and adds context, providing some information that was not shown in this week's episode or the episodes leading up. She provides more context to her beef with Alyssa and gives an inside look into her strategy and gameplay through the first seven episodes of the show. Stephanie takes us through the excursion and her decision to go for the $5,000 case. She explains why she wanted to face the banker and why she was chosen by Nick and Rob to do so. She also reflects on the moment when she won the steal in the E3 excursion and was forced into making a difficult decision that would upset many. Miranda also weighs in and shares some thoughts of her own. It's an episode you will not want to miss!

You can follow Miranda on Twitter (@ItsMirandaRose) and Instagram (@mirandaroseharrison). You can follow Stephanie on Twitter (@doctor_midwife), Instagram (@doctor_midwife) and TikTok (@doctor_midwife).

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