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The Traitors S2 E8 exit interview: Love Island USA's Carsten "Bergie" Bergersen tells all

This past week on Peacock's The Traitors, Love Island USA 5 alum Carsten "Bergie" Bergersen became the fifth contestant murdered and the latest competitor eliminated from contention. He visits the Jack Vita Show for a longform conversation, as he and Jack take a deep dive into his game, discussing his time in the castle in great detail.

Bergie made his reality television debut last summer, appearing on the fifth season of the American version of Love Island. Bergie finished in third place and instantaneously became a fan favorite. Shortly after his run on Love Island met its end, he was approached by Peacock about appearing on The Traitors. Just weeks after he left the beaches of Fiji, the 24 year-old found himself amongst a group of some of reality television's greatest figures, in a castle in Scotland.

Bergie quickly formed a close bond with Peter Weber (The Bachelor), Janelle Pierzina (Big Brother) and Trishelle Cannatella (The Real World: Las Vegas). After Janelle was eliminated, their group was able to pick up enough numbers to banish traitor Dan Gheesling (Big Brother) from the castle. Dan had attempted to murder Bergie that same morning, but Bergie was protected by a shield that he collected during the previous mission. Bergie's group was close to banishing another traitor in episode 7, but a twist cancelled the night's banishment and offered protection to a majority of the cast, leaving Bergie as one of only four contestants up for murder. This time around, Bergie was in fact murdered, ending his time on The Traitors.

Bergie chats with Jack about his strategy going into the show. For the first time ever, Bergie reveals notes from the journal that he kept in Scotland, as he attempted to pinpoint the identities of the traitors. Bergie tells all, taking us through his thought process and revealing which contestants were on his radar, and when he started becoming suspicious of certain individuals.

Bergie gives us a peak behind the curtain and shares what plot points he was most surprised have not been shown on The Traitors thus far. Find out how he figured out that Parvati and Dan were traitors, and why Phaedra was on his radar early on. He discusses what led to his murder and what he might have done differently, if he were to receive a do-over, and shares favorite memories of his from his time in the castle. Later on, he shares some thoughts on his Minnesota Vikings and the induction of Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. It's a jam-packed episode you will NOT want to miss!

You can follow Bergie on Instagram (@bergielicious35), Twitter (@CarstenBergie) and TikTok (@carstenb), and be on the lookout for his new YouTube channel, coming soon!

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