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Deal or No Deal Island E8 exit interview: Dawson Addis explains why he accepted life-changing offer

This week, Wisconsin native Dawson Addis became the seventh contestant eliminated from NBC's new hit reality competition show, Deal or No Deal Island. As part of our Deal or No Deal Island coverage, Dawson visits the Jack Vita Show for his exit interview.

Dawson formed a close alliance with Nick, Stephanie and Amy. They called themselves the Night Owls. The Night Owls positioned themselves to pick off another number from the other side in this week's episode. Nick won the excursion, security immunity and also earning the ability to pick which contestant would face the banker that night. Nick selected Dawson. Both Amy and Stephanie had faced the banker, and now it was Dawson's turn. Dawson made quick work of the board, knocking out nearly all of the lower-valued briefcases almost immediately. Later on, with a $3.25 million case, a $2.75 million case and a $300 case as the last three remaining cases in play, the banker called and made Dawson an offer that he couldn't refuse.

Dawson was offered $1,399,000 for the prize pot. He also was offered $100,000 if he eliminated himself from contention. Only given a few minutes to arrive a decision, Dawson chose to take the deal, and he became the seventh contestant eliminated from Deal or No Deal Island.

Dawson chats with Jack about his time on Deal or No Deal Island, his decision to self-eliminate, what his plan would have been had he defeated the banker, how he plans to spend his prize money, and so much more! This is only the first time you will be hearing from Dawson on the Jack Vita Show this week. Later in the week, he will join Miranda Rose Harrison and Jack for Deal or No Deal Island Insiders, as they dive deep into the episode, as well as Dawson's time on the show!

You can follow Dawson on Instagram (@dawsonaddis) and Twitter (@DawsonAddis1).

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