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Jodi Wincheski talks Amazing Race, Survivor, reality TV casting

Jodi Wincheski, contestant on The Amazing Race 14 and longtime reality TV casting producer visits the Jack Vita Show to discuss her time on The Amazing Race and tell stories from behind the scenes of casting and working on reality shows!

Jodi worked as a casting producer for over ten years, casting for shows such as Survivor, Big Brother and The Amazing Race! Jack and Jodi discuss how reality television has changed over the past decade, what casting producers are looking for when sorting through applicants (and how applicants can stick out above the rest), the challenges casting directors and applicants face, some of Jodi's best behind-the-scenes stories from working on Survivor (and leading the pre-jury trips), and more! Jodi now runs her own business where she helps prepare applicants for applying, interviewing and auditioning for reality shows! For more information, you can get in touch with her at her website,!

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