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Peacock's The Traitors US S2 E11 Finale and Reunion "One Final Hurdle" recap with Michael Davidson

The Traitors Season 2 has met its end! With Stephenie on vacation this week, season 1 contestant Michael Davidson fills in for her on the Jack Vita Show and breaks down a historic finale and dramatic reunion show, in the eleventh episode of The Traitors, "One Final Hurdle".

The episode picks up where episode 10 left off. In the aftermath of Phaedra Parks' banishment, Kate is the final traitor remaining. Kate chooses to murder Sheree, hoping to pin the murder on a non-Bravo cast member. Kate takes aim at Sandra, making the two-time Survivor champion her next target. Meanwhile, Sandra is on to Kate. Sandra believes Kate slipped up at the latest roundtable, when she cast her vote towards Phaedra.

The group completes the final mission, raising the prize pot to $208,100. In the moments before the roundtable, the cast scrambles as Sandra and Kate fight for their lives in the game. Trishelle and CT had planned to banish Kate, but CT changes his tune at the last second, something that shocks Trishelle. An emotional Trishelle casts a vote for Sandra, wanting to vote with the group, even though she appears to have no desire to vote out Sandra. Sandra is banished, and reveals that she is indeed a faithful.

Moments later, the final four enters the fire of truth. The contestants have the choice between ending the game or banishing again. Kate chooses to end the game, while MJ, Trishelle and CT all opt to banish again. Considering that there was a murder at the start of the episode and Sandra was not a traitor, the group knows that there has to be at least one more traitor remaining in the game. Kate is banished, leaving MJ, Trishelle and CT.

CT gives a wink to Trishelle, and both former Challengers vote to banish again, leaving MJ in shock. What comes as an even greater shock to the audience however, is when Trishelle votes for CT. CT votes for MJ and MJ votes for Trishelle, making the vote a deadlock tie. CT's sudden pivot from voting Kate to banishing Sandra at the previous roundtable causes suspicion from Trishelle. Before revoting, CT assures Trishelle that he is not a traitor, and MJ is banished from the game, leaving the two Real World alumni as the champions of The Traitors Season 2, splitting the prize pot equally.

The reunion show does not lack drama, either. Dan receives blowback for his decision to target Phaedra before his banishment. MJ is disgusted with CT and Trishelle. Meanwhile, Peter breaks out a spot-on Alan Cumming impression and the cast relives the biggest moments and discusses the greatest talking points from the second season of The Traitors.

Michael and Jack are here to break it all down, providing thoughtful commentary and analysis. It's a Traitors finale recap that you will NOT want to miss!

You can follow Michael on Instagram, @michaeldavidson_.

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