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Clarence Black talks Detroit sports, faith and Survivor: Africa

Survivor: Africa contestant, army officer and sports radio veteran Clarence Black visits the Jack Vita Show to talk Michigan head coach Juwan Howard swinging at Wisconsin assistant Joe Krabbenhoft and Howard's five-game suspension handed to him from the university, the MLB lockout, the Detroit Tigers' exciting future, memories from the 2004 Detroit Pistons' championship season, former Lions' quarterback Matthew Stafford collecting a Super Bowl ring, Clarence's love for America and his Christian faith, Clarence's time on Survivor, his casting story, his place in reality TV history, his side of #beangate, and much more!

20 years after appearing on Survivor's third season, Survivor: Africa, Clarence is back to set the record straight on his time in Kenya! Hear what he has to say about what may have been the toughest season in Survivor history, his take on opening up a can of beans without the tribe's permission to tend to a sick tribemate (Diane Ogden), and much more!

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(Photo via Survivor/CBS)


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