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Deal or No Deal Island S1 E10 "Are You Powerful?" recap with Love Island's Bergie

Coming off the tenth episode of Deal or No Deal Island, "Are You Powerful?", Brooke Struck and Jack Vita are joined by Love Island and The Traitors' star Carsten "Bergie" Bergersen on the Jack Vita Show!

Bergie appeared on Love Island Season 5 last summer and instantly became a fan favorite. Before he had even left Fiji, he was offered a spot on the next season of Peacock's new hit competition show, The Traitors. Perceived as a threat to the traitors' games, Bergie was murdered in episode 8. Now, Bergie is hooked on Deal or No Deal Island!

Each week, Survivor: Guatemala contestant Brooke Struck and Jack Vita recap the latest episode of Deal or No Deal Island. This week, Bergie joins them to break down everything from Episode 10!

With just five contestants left, Aron is approached by the last remaining members of the Night Owl alliance, Stephanie and Amy, who offer an interesting proposition. Amy and Stephanie suggest that Aron cuts ties with Boston Rob, if given the chance. Rob is a reality television veteran, a Survivor winner and the greatest threat to win the game, among the players remaining. Aron appears to be giving the idea consideration.

At the excursion, Rob has a plan to try to get him and Aron in the bottom two, but Aron does not follow his instructions. This leads to a confrontation upon their completion of the challenge. In this week's exit interview, Aron told Jack that he got caught "playing the middle", when he didn't go along with Rob's plan. Meanwhile, Amy forms a final two alliance with both Rob and Aron, gets her hand caught in the cookie jar when she is forced to choose which of the two that will face the banker at temple. Amy picks Aron. Entering temple, it remains unclear as to who Aron has his sights set on eliminating. Unfortunately for the 26 year-old, his time on the Banker's Island came to an end when he accepted a bad deal.

Now, only four contestants remain: Stephanie Mitchell, Amy McCoy, Jordan Fowler and THE Boston Rob Mariano. Bergie shares his thoughts on the first season of Deal or No Deal Island, the show's formats and his prediction for the final two episodes. He also compares and contrasts The Traitors to DONDI. All this and so much more, as Bergie, Brooke and Jack break down the latest episode of Deal or No Deal Island!

Joining Brooke and Jack on next week's recap will be three-time Survivor fan favorite Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick!

You can follow Bergie on Instagram (@bergielicious35) and Twitter (@CarstenBergie) and subscribe to his YouTube channel!

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