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Jessica McCain France talks The Challenge, Real World: Portland, baseball, Christian faith

Minor league baseball wife, former The Real World: Portland cast member, and four-time Challenger (on MTV's The Challenge) Jessica McCain France (@TheMTVJess on Instagram) visits the Jack Vita Show for a very in-depth conversation covering a wide variety of topics.

Jessica's husband, J.P. France, is a AAA pitcher in the Houston Astros' farm system. J.P. was named the Sugar Land Space Cowboys' player of the month for the month of June. Jessica tells the story of how she and J.P. met, and shares about their journey together through the minor league system. She gives a peak behind the curtain of the life of a minor league baseball player and his family and answers the question, "Is Bull Durham an accurate depiction of minor league life?"

At the age of 21, Jessica appeared on The Real World: Portland (2013), spring boarding her to compete on four seasons of The Challenge (The Challenge: Rivals II, The Challenge: Free Agents, The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II and The Challenge: Rivals III). Jessica reflects on her experience on The Real World and The Challenge, telling her casting story of how she wound up on reality television. She also answers a number of questions about what viewers don't see when they tune into both shows.

Since competing on her final season, The Challenge: Rivals III, Jessica has met her husband, gotten married, moved several times, and is now pregnant with her first child. Jessica catches us up on her life and tells the story of her miraculous pregnancy, and how God recently showed up in her time of need. Jessica is a strong Christian, and in this episode of the Jack Vita Show, she boldly shares her faith story and what God is continuously teaching her. She and J.P. had been through a lot over the last two years, but they never lost faith. Throughout their hardships, they've been able to see God's faithfulness and grace, and remain thankful for His sovereignty.

It's an episode of the Jack Vita Show that you will NOT want to miss!

The life of a minor league baseball wife (0:00 - 19:55)

The Real World: Portland and The Challenge (19:55 - 1:11:35)

Jessica's pregnancy, testimony and Christian faith (1:11:35 - END)

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