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Survivor legend Stephenie LaGrossa previews Deal or No Deal Island finale | S1 E11 "Are You Tenacious?" Recap

Survivor great Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick returns to the Jack Vita Show, this time, to talk Deal or No Deal Island! Stephenie joins her former Survivor: Guatemala tribemate Brooke Struck and Jack for a fun conversation about Deal or No Deal Island's penultimate episode, E11 "Are You Tenacious?". With only one week remaining, Stephenie previews what looks to be an epic finale!

Episode 11 ended on a dramatic cliffhanger. The four remaining competitors were tasked with a challenge that required them to complete a puzzle and run through a maze and collect a briefcase. The last contestant out of the maze would be immediately eliminated and the contestant holding the lowest-total briefcase among the the three remaining competitors would also be eliminated. Boston Rob Mariano got caught cheating off of Amy McCoy's puzzle. As a result, he was assessed a three-minute time penalty. He had to wait until the other three contestants had all completed their puzzle, and then he had to wait three extra minutes, before he could take off for his case. Jordan Fowler and Stephanie Mitchell are shown exiting the maze and locking in their case totals. It appears that Rob is closing the gap on Amy, but the episode concludes. We ask the question, "What happens next? Will Boston Rob live to see another day, or is his goose cooked?".

Stephenie is one of the biggest fan favorites in the history of Survivor. After debuting on Survivor: Palau, she placed second on Survivor: Guatemala and appeared on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. She recently came out of retirement, competing on USA's Snake in the Grass and season 1 of NBC's hit show The Traitors. Stephenie was a huge fan of Rob before she ever appeared on Survivor, and his inspiration is one of the reasons she applied in the first place! She has known Rob for nearly 20 years, and has very much enjoyed watching him play on Deal or No Deal Island.

Stephenie shares her thoughts on Rob's breach of the rules. Was it deliberate? Was the penalty fair? And will Rob survive to see another day? Brooke and Jack also weigh in, as the three of them share their thoughts on the episode as a whole. Brooke and Steph also share some memories from Survivor: Guatemala, including an unbelievable Jamie Newton story!

You can follow Stephenie on Instagram (@steph_lagrossa_kendrick) and Twitter (@StephLaGrossa38).

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