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Brittany Baldi talks Atlantic League baseball, MTV's 'The Challenge', how reality TV has changed

High Point Rockers emcee and former MTV Challenger (The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II) Brittany Baldi visits the Jack Vita Show to reflect on her time on reality television and discuss a wide variety of topics including how the media and reality television have changed, life as a baseball WAG, how potential rule changes coming to Major League Baseball have functioned while being tested in independent league baseball, and much more!

Brittany made her reality television debut on MTV's Are You the One? in 2014, then appeared on the 26th season of MTV's The Challenge, The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II. Her soon-to-be husband Ryan Dull is a professional baseball player who currently pitches for the High Point Rockers of the Atlantic League, where Brittany currently works as the team's emcee and host. Ryan has pitched five years in MLB with the Oakland Athletics, New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays. In addition to serving as the High Point Rockers emcee, Brittany hosts 'The BosBabes' podcast, a lifestyle sports podcast where she interviews a large collection of fascinating guests from the world of sports and entertainment.

Brittany talks about life as a baseball WAG and tells the story of how she and Ryan met. She and Jack exchange thoughts on how the media landscape is changing and how doors are opening up for independent content creators. They discuss the benefits of creating independent content and share stories from their own experiences in content creation. Then they discuss Brittany's time on The Challenge and how they have seen reality television change over the last decade. Later, they dive deep into independent league baseball, discussing what makes the Atlantic League experience special, while taking note of what rule changes could be coming to Major League Baseball from the Atlantic League.

The Atlantic League is not affiliated with MLB, but the two leagues have a partnership in which MLB has been able to test potential rule changes in the Atlantic League. The Atlantic League has been at the forefront of change in the sport. MLB announced Friday, September 9, that it will be adding a pitch clock, putting restrictions on defensive shifts, and increasing the size of its bases from 15-inch bases to 18". All three of these modifications have been tested in the Atlantic League since 2019. The Atlantic League also tested the extra inning tie-breaker that MLB has used since 2020. It's currently testing a rule that would allow baserunners to "steal first", allowing a batter to take off to first base in the middle of an at bat on any passed ball. Find out from Brittany how some of these rules have functioned in the Atlantic League and what could be coming to MLB in the future.

You can follow Brittany on Instagram (@brittanybaldi) and Twitter (@brittany_baldi). Subscribe to her podcast, 'The BosBabes' on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, and wherever podcasts are found.

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