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Danni Boatwright talks 'Survivor: Guatemala', 'Winners at War', sports radio career, Christian faith

Survivor winner, longtime Kansas City sports radio host and NFL wife Danni Boatwright visits the Jack Vita Show for the first time!

Danni is someone that Jack has wanted to have on his show, since before he ever had a podcast! After five years, Jack has finally hunted down the white whale.

In the year 2005, Danni won the 11th season of Survivor, Survivor: Guatemala. She is the first Survivor winner to appear on the Jack Vita Show! Danni defeated our very own Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick in the final two to claim the million dollar prize. 15 years later, Danni appeared on Survivor's 40th season, Survivor: Winners at War.

Danni grew up a huge sports fan and has worked in sports radio for a number of years. She was a sportscaster when she appeared on Survivor for the first time. Less than two years after winning the title of sole Survivor, Danni married her husband, NFL Pro Bowl center Casey Wiegmann. Wiegmann enjoyed a 16-year NFL career, playing for the Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets, Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos. While on Survivor: Guatemala, Danni recognized that her tribemate wasn't who he claimed to be. Former NFL quarterback Gary Hogeboom told his fellow castaways that he was Gary Hawkins, a landscaper, withholding that he played 11 years of professional football. Danni recognized her tribemate was actually a former NFL quarterback.

Danni also appeared on The Fantasy Show alongside Ron Jaworsky and Antonio Freeman on ESPN 2, before becoming a host for, where she interviewed a large collection of celebrities.

In 1996, Danni won the Miss Kansas USA crown. She finished second place in the Miss USA pageant. Sometime after, she began a career in sports radio, as an on-air host for KCSP 610 in Kansas City.

In this episode of the Jack Vita Show, Danni discusses her time on both of her Survivor seasons, providing a peak behind the curtain to her strategy. She also talks about her love for sports, her media career, and her Christian faith.

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